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if you haven't been watching katiecandraw.com or my million picture updates on twitter and facebook...

my daughter, grayson, was born on december 21st.
...just so you know.

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fun, life altering fact BESIDES that i just left a secure, full-time job at a studio in order to try and make my living with my art...

ryan and i started talking months ago about me leaving my job. it was not a will-nilly thing. we were planning for it, scared for it, considering when the best time to be would be ("should i stay another year?" etc)... then i typed up my notice, printed it up and said "i'm handing this in on xxxx date". We were ready to take a chance. 

and then i found out i was pregnant. 

not sure if this was a sign to STAY gainfully employed or to work for myself... i STILL turned in my notice.... now ready to stay at home with my art, my cats... and now, my kid.

the little nerd is due in late december. (i apologize to the kid in advance for lumping his/her birthday in with the holidays) 

yes, ryan and i are very excited. 

yes, i am extremely terrified. 

yes, the cats are very upset. 

(i apologize to the people i (used) to work with for not telling you before i left. 1) i had a few people i was seeing last night that i wanted to tell in person, so i didn't want to risk a million facebook wallposts of "omg! congrats" and blow the surprise and 2)i didn't want to lump the craziness of my last day with the news)

but...uh... yeah... baby. 

yep. freakin' out. 



also, there's a new gronk comic today. 




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so you guys all knew about this, right?



so my new weekly webcomic is starting. yay! took me long enough, didn't it? well, no more empty promises and broken hearts... it's here! 

gronk is an all-ages, cute little story about a monster who finds a new home with a gal and her pets. i have a story i want to tell and i'm really excited and terrified to finally start telling it.  

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a couple long overdue commissions are finally going out. even more are being drawn this week. hope to get everything done by next weekend. 



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flipping through jeremy bastian's comic "cursed pirate girl" makes me want to be a better artist and storyteller. 

doodled this up and colored it. :)



a completed returned sketch card for clone wars widevision (already bought, paid for and mailed a while ago. i just forgot to post it)


and here are my 2 returns for star wars galaxy 5 (the set that just came out). i haven't decided what i am doing with them yet... so don't ask. if they're up for sale or ebay, you'll know later this week.




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hey all!

just a reminder that INK & STEIN is at a new location tomorrow! i posted about it earlier this week.



comic book resources just did a GREAT article on the upcoming fraggle comic. i'm quoted... a lot! neat!


read it!

(also, you have no idea the fan girl feeling i'm getting from being in the same book as ANYTHING jeffery brown. i LOOOOOVE his work!!!)

have you ordered your copy of fraggle rock #1 yet? the diamond order code is FEB100672



next up, starwars.com just announced the OTHER thing that will be taking up my time yesterday... an empire strikes back 30th anniversary ART PRINT for starwarsshop.com/acme archives!!!!

lucasfilm has asked 12 artists (including me!) to create a piece that will be turned into a limited edition (giclée on watercolor paper) art print (100 prints of each) depicting a scene from empire strikes back... telling the story in chronological order from start to finish. (there will also be a portfolio available to order that all the prints will fit into if you want to collect the whole set!)

the artists involved are:

  • Tom Hodges

  • Chris Trevas

  • Nathan Hamill

  • Cat Staggs

  • JAKe

  • Russell Walks

  • Katie Cook (hey! that's me!!)

  • Jamie Snell

  • Amy Beth Christensen

  • Michael Fleming

  • Alex Pardee

  • Paul Ballard

read the full article here!


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i did 2 base cards!


i already showed the artwork for my wampa room card (as it appeared in star wars insider magazine!)

 it has this quote on the back as to why i chose to do this scene:

"I'm a huge fan of the creatures of Star Wars and the Wampa is right at the top of my list of favorite SW critters. In a deleted scene from Empire,  Han wants to take a shortcut through a room in Empire and Leia tells him 'that's where they keep those creatures'. C-3P0 does something totally out of character and takes the warning sign down, hoping to trick the troopers into going in there. I've ALWAYS wanted to see the scene where the stormtroopers are being attacked by the wampas trapped in this room. I imagine it to be a furry, frantic battle where, of course, the wampas win."

and now my OTHER base card... my cantina scene! yaay!

 and it has the following quote on the back:

"What's more fun than the most wretched hive of scum and villainy on Tatooine? This place is full of characters that have some really elaborate background stories courtesy of the extended universe, every creature in there is worthy of a deeper look. Wuher, the bartender himself, has a tragic story and big dreams to leave Tatooine one day. He's described as a genius when it comes to mixology and is using that skill to win fame and fortune from Jabba the Hutt. Plus, who wouldn't want that gruff face to serve them a tall glass of blue milk or a Sarlacc Kicker?"

i loved drawing these. i hope you enjoy lookin' at 'em!

also, i'm almost done with my fraggle rock story! i'm so excited! i've been having SO MUCH FUN drawing it!!