holy crap! it's katie cook! (katie_can_draw) wrote,
holy crap! it's katie cook!

i have a new name for things i create at work while large files are doing whatever it is that they do when that lil' spinny thing is doing that spinny things that it does...

"desk art"

the rule:
everything used to make said piece of art must be within reach at your desk. large sculptures of nothing but paper clips, tape balls that are a sticky, poetic interpretation of the earth... things like that.

here's what i did today with a fine tip sharpie, whiteout, a few markers, some asian themed craft paper, a few rhinestones and mini paper flowers... n' a gold gel pen.


this piece is 3-D.
the geisha bit is on a green sheet of paper. i then cut out the geisha and the tiny black lines and glued her to the red patterned paper. those very thin black lines are a seperate sheet of paper... crazy man!

you can kind of see it here:

everyone should make desk art. i haven't moved on from white-out bunnies... just trying something crazy ;-)
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